Science Fair Example
Dear Bunsen, Any tips for the science fair? -CarrieĀ C.   Dear Carrie, Science fairs can be confusing and difficult, but here’s a couple tips that just might help you out. 1. Solve a Problem Judges really like it when your science fair project solves a problem of some sort. It […]

Dear Bunsen: Science Fair

We’ve officially got a book trailer! Check it out below. Thanks to Robert Noorda for his work.

Our Book Trailer

Dear Bunsen, Where do hedgehogs come from? -Sadie M.   Dear Sadie, Great question! Hedgehogs make great pets, but of course originally come from the wild. You can still find them living all over the world. They started out in Europe and Asia, living in small burrows and in gardens. […]

Dear Bunsen: Hedgehog History

How would you like to be in a book? Create a sketch of a science-y machine that you would like to see Bernice use as a villain and your creation could be in the next book! The winner will also receive a t-shirt and poster signed by the author–Brooke Arnold […]

Elements of Evil Contest

Dear Bunsen, Why did Bernice name you Bunsen? -Rob N   Great question, Rob! As you probably know, Bernice LOVES science. One common tool used in laboratories is called a Bunsen burner. In the 1800’s, a German scientist named Robert Bunsen would often use a contraption like this to heat […]

Dear Bunsen: Name Origins